Signature Therapy Building on the deep tissue massage, this therapeutic massage uses a combination of Swedish and Ayurvedic techniques. Administered slowly, this variant of the deep tissue treatment removes muscle pain and promotes rejuvenation. Benefits:-It will clear the mind, deeply relax the body and Strengthen the spirit,improves blood circulation , – Increases tissue strength and […]

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It’s a traditional Kerala Massage, where we apply warm medicated herbal oils using a long movement that is effective for overall rejuvenation, detoxification and aches n pains. Benefits: improves blood circulation, rejuvenates the whole body, slows ageing, induces sound sleep, promotes vitality, reduces stress, mental tension, and sexual weakness

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This therapy starts with relaxing head massage and followed by pouring a stream of warm medicated herbal oil across the forehead with gentle scalp massage. Benefits: This therapy helps to relieve symptoms anxiety, stress, fatigue and hypertension, it relieves tension, worry, fear and headache as well as depression. It regulates mood and gives feelings of […]

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